CH2M HILL provides multidisciplinary services to markets diversified by both industry and geography. With our full-service capabilities and global footprint, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each market we serve is strong and focused.


CH2M HILL's global organization is structured to provide a full range of project delivery services to support clients worldwide. To learn more about our locations click here.


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Site/Infrastructure Planning

As a global leader in full-service solutions, CH2M HILL provides diverse consulting services for planning, financing, initiating, optimizing, and delivering your infrastructure projects. Applying proven techniques, effective technologies, and leading-edge approaches from world-class infrastructure projects, we partner with you to achieve your business and operational objectives, from initial concept to delivery and operation.

Advance Site Planning
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Dick Sheehy
Phone: +1.503.224.6040

Selecting the right site for your new facility is critical to minimizing risk and optimizing resources. CH2M HILL has extensive experience analyzing locations and selecting sites worldwide for public and industrial clients. Among the key factors we evaluate are the impacts of taxes, labor costs, local regulations, and infrastructure suitability on your company's bottom line.

Our contacts with country, state, regional, and economic development organizations around the world provide knowledge of, and access to, the latest government programs and international incentives. Working in close partnership with your team, we apply our multidisciplinary engineering, architectural, and financial resources in researching, analyzing, and negotiating to obtain the best site for your new facility.

Integrated Water Management
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Kathy Freas
Integrated Water Resource Management
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Si Givens
Integrated Water Management for Industry
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As communities grow and change, water resource management becomes increasingly complex. Escalating demands for water supply intensify the need for new sources, conservation, and reuse. At the same time, from a watershed perspective, environmental needs often are considered to compete for water resources. These dynamics highlight complex inter-relationships among the links in the water management cycle—from source, to supply, to treatment, disposal, reuse, and back to source again. Such inter-relationships create greater complexity for water managers, who are already challenged to contain or reduce system capital and operating costs.

CH2M HILL's integrated water resources management team focuses on a collaborative process with clients to determine their overall goals and objectives for water management. We combine that data with simulation modeling to plan and implement water resource management from a total-system perspective. Our experienced staff analyzes the status and dynamics of supply, demand, cost, and risk throughout the system, develops simulation models using our proprietary VOYAGE™ modeling tool, and then applies optimization technologies to identify the best resource management strategies system wide.

CH2M HILL also provides integrated water management services that span the full envelope of an industrial facility from water resources management and planning, engineering, and construction through full operations. Our knowledge of manufacturing and production processes; the intricacies of water, wastewater, and stormwater management and treatment; and the complexity of operating and maintaining treatment facilities are unique among our engineering and construction competitors.

Lean Enterprise Consulting
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Dennis Stamm
Phone: +1.770.849.1886

To be globally competitive, many manufacturing organizations are moving away from the more traditional, mass-production environment toward a "leaner," more agile environment. Through lean enterprise approaches, companies are realizing numerous manufacturing improvements, including reduced cycle times; increased productivity; lower total manufacturing costs; minimized paperwork; and reduced scrap, rework, material handling, and storage.

CH2M HILL's successful methodology approaches lean transformation projects as an enterprise initiative rather than a more-restricted manufacturing initiative. By taking a global view in lean enterprise consulting—treating your enterprise as a complex, integrated system consisting of people, technologies, processes, information components, and facilities—we can help you improve productivity and profits.

Master Planning
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Tim Meier
Phone: +1.503.872.4499

A master plan provides a roadmap to achieving the greatest potential from sites, as well as guiding capital investment over time, establishing a desired corporate or agency image, and achieving other client-specific goals. CH2M HILL's integrated master planning process creates order among natural and man-made elements on the project site, while balancing functional, business, and aesthetic requirements.

We collaborate with you to incorporate creative, timely, effective solutions into an integrated master plan, drawing on our worldwide site development experience and our full-service capabilities in facility planning, design, construction, and operations. CH2M HILL's depth of knowledge and experience in all project phases and facility processes add value and precision to the master planning process.

Project Development & Financing
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Mike Brown
Phone: +1.720.286.2549

Advancing your project from the conceptual to the concrete is a complex, demanding process that requires a broad range of resources and expertise. Through public-private partnerships, design-build-operate, concession / privatization, and a variety of other arrangements, CH2M HILL can help you finance and develop your project. We can validate your vision and help you bring the necessary resources to the table, including locating funding sources and structuring financing packages.

With experience in a wide spectrum of project delivery methods, CH2M HILL leverages technical expertise, assembles project development teams, and mobilizes capital to get projects off the ground and onto the fast track.

Siting, Licensing & Permitting
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Robert Pearson
Phone: +1.720.286.5056

CH2M HILL's full-service team of engineers, environmental scientists, economists, and planners provides an integrated approach to facility siting, licensing, and permitting. We have completed thousands of siting studies, feasibility studies, and environmental permitting and licensing projects for facilities around the world.

We apply our depth of experience to evaluate all the criteria that are key to ensuring successful site selection as well as cost-effective facility development and lifecycle operation.

Our services/capabilities include:

  • Financial modeling of facilities
  • Business plan development
  • Real estate development planning
  • Tax and financial analysis of locations
  • Economic development consulting
  • Site evaluation
  • Site competitive comparisons
  • Incentive comparisons / negotiations
  • Public involvement
  • Construction permitting
  • Due diligence and constraints analyses (environmental and financial)
  • Pre-permitting studies (e.g., water resources, biological, noise, zoning, air quality, land use)
  • Land use permitting
  • Site development
  • Environmental documents (EIR, EIS, EIA)
  • Environmental permitting and monitoring
  • Agency negotiation and testimony
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