CH2M HILL provides multidisciplinary services to markets diversified by both industry and geography. With our full-service capabilities and global footprint, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each market we serve is strong and focused.


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Security and Emergency Management

Security and emergency management has been an integral part of CH2M HILL’s full range of services for more than 50 years. The firm has significant security master planning expertise at the corporate/organizational level as well as at the facility level, in both physical and cyber security. We have supported clients such as the U.S. Federal Government (U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), more than 100 public utilities, state governments, more than 500 private facility owners and industrial manufacturers, as well as the Olympic Games and other high-risk events.

Whether safely securing nuclear material for the U.S. Government, performing vulnerability assessments and implementing upgrades for our nation’s critical infrastructure, or providing critical response to natural disasters, CH2M HILL’s security and emergency management expertise spans business types, time zones, and countries. CH2M HILL offers a unique, single source of integrated services to address security and emergency management issues. Our security capabilities and expertise allow us to meet our client’s wide-ranging needs, from assessing vulnerabilities and designing antiterrorism/infrastructure security systems, to constructing and operating secure facilities, as well as developing emergency response plans and programs.

Trust CH2M HILL to provide the full range of integrated security and emergency management services—physical, cyber, and telecommunications security; facility management; process control; emergency response; and business operations. From concept through operations and maintenance, we can provide you with planning and analysis, design and construction, program management, and training, as well as situational awareness, incident response, consequence management, and threat-reduction solutions.

Physical Security Master Planning
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CH2M HILL understands the infrastructure and operations of more critical facilities than virtually any other company, and we are trusted to secure some of the world’s most at-risk and highly visible sites. Our physical security clients include nuclear facilities, military bases, embassies, marine ports, airports, chemical plants, electric and natural gas facilities, water/wastewater facilities, telecommunication data centers, and major industrial complexes. We provide security design, video surveillance, structural hardening, HVAC protection, blast-resistant facility upgrades, entry control, chemical and biological detection and protection, and security manpower optimization. CH2M HILL has implemented major physical security programs in high-risk locations.

Cyber Security
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CH2M HILL provides cyber security services to public utilities, local and federal government agencies, and private businesses. We assess threats and vulnerabilities and develop plans to ensure business continuity and emergency response. With specialists in the design and implementation of process control, communication, maintenance management, network management, intrusion monitoring/detection, and Internet/intranet technology, CH2M HILL has a full complement of resources to address all aspects of the client’s computer and communications network systems (whether wireline or wireless), data network configuration, and software applications. We provide:

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Remediation
  • Security Management
  • Incident Management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Policies & Processes
Integrated Security Solutions
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CH2M HILL offers comprehensive security system strategies, design, integration, and installation. Our detailed approach to integrated security solutions captures the demands of integrating physical security, IT security, telecommunications, emergency management, facilities management, and operational/process management. You can count on us to develop cost-effective security systems that meet all operational demands. Our security system design/integration expertise includes:

  • Master Integration Planning and Management for Security, Facilities, and Operational Requirements
  • Identification of Codes and Safety Requirements
  • Equipment/Systems Engineering (design, procurement, vendor interface, and performance testing)
  • Construction Management
  • System Programming; Startup Coordination and Assistance
  • Operations Manuals and Training
  • Asset Protection and Automated Asset Tracking

Our staff has designed integrated systems for clients across the United States as well as in the world’s most volatile regions. Our award-winning solutions are tailored to each facility and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and provide effective elements that will deter or defeat the design-basis adversary, yet minimize the impact on daily operations.

Security Operations & Control
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CH2M HILL’s security operations and control experience includes site management, design, and upgrades to our customers’ security systems, procedures, and personnel. CH2M HILL’s subsidiary, Kaiser-Hill, assumed the operation and closure of one of the most secure facilities in the world—the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site in Golden, Colorado. Rocky Flats contained the world’s largest stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium.

We supported the U.S. Department of State Overseas Building Operations by developing planning surveys for sites in cities in Central and South America and Mexico. CH2M HILL also has extensive security control and command center experience for private industrial complexes, chemical plants, electric and water utilities, ports, and Department of Defense installations.

Emergency Preparedness
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CH2M HILL provides emergency planners, first responders, and community leaders with proven tools and methodologies that effectively integrate people, processes, and systems. Our solutions deliver timely and relevant information—getting it to the people who need it most—to meet the complex and demanding challenges of emergency management and response, public safety, homeland security, and critical infrastructure protection functions. Integrating incident response, situational awareness, resource ordering and tracking, and recovery and consequence management enhances your capability to meet day-to-day emergency response and security challenges, as well as the capacity to meet the demands of larger-scale incidents.

CH2M HILL’s Emergency Preparedness planning team develops response plans, consequence management plans, business continuity plans, continuity of operation plans, and tactical communication plans for public and private sector agencies throughout the world. In the United States our team develops and conducts all training and exercises following in full compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System (ICS) and the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). All training and exercise lead staff are classroom certified in NIMS/ICS and HSEEP.

Online Water Quality Monitoring and Contamination Warning Systems
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When most water utility owners and operators think about online water quality monitoring (OWQM), their first thought is that OWQM enhances the safety and security of the water in a utility’s distribution system. OWQM enhances the ability of the water utility to detect, assess, and respond to water quality changes in the distribution system to minimize the potential impact to public health, economic loss to business customers and the municipality, and loss of confidence by the public. What these owners and operators may not realize is that a fully developed OWQM system can also provide additional benefits in the areas of operations (which translates into cost savings) and regulatory compliance.

CH2M HILL is a proven leader in the design and implementation of OWQM and contamination warning systems. We have worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as it has developed and tested these systems, and we have worked with military and municipal utilities to create systems that protect people and infrastructure. Our experience continues to grow, and we continue to offer our clients improved security, operation, and compliance.