CH2M HILL provides multidisciplinary services to markets diversified by both industry and geography. With our full-service capabilities and global footprint, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each market we serve is strong and focused.


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O&M & Facilities Management

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CH2M HILL Facilities Services

Today's most successful public agencies and companies focus on what they do best. By outsourcing operations & maintenance (O&M) and facilities management services, you concentrate resources on your core business, while our expert management and comprehensive maintenance programs protect your capital investments.

CH2M HILL understands the importance of a well-run facilities management program. Our experience has shown there is typically 10% to 20% (or greater) cost savings available in most customer facilities organizations. These cost savings can be achieved while improving customer satisfaction and preserving or enhancing service levels. CH2M HILL provides these savings by utilizing proven facilities technology, implementing cross-industry best practices and solutions, employing a highly trained and engaged work force, and—most importantly—cultivating a close teaming relationship with our customer.

We have the capabilities to furnish the labor, material, and equipment services required to support O&M and minor construction activities all over the world. The knowledge we have gained from our extensive experience in O&M and construction on the Alaskan North Slope is directly transferable to executing projects anywhere at any time.

CH2M HILL has more than $100 million in Alaskan North Slope assets, including a major equipment fleet, maintenance facilities, hotel, warehouses, fabrication facilities, and a concrete plant. Our experience north of the Arctic Circle adds up to more than 30,000 man-years. Our experienced workforce and proven systems enable us to anticipate, avoid, and remove risk in the dynamic arctic environment, ensuring safe, cost-effective, and environmentally sound project delivery.

CH2M HILL provides innovative partnership solutions for all of your O&M and facilities management needs.

Our Solutions
Drilling/Well Support Services

CH2M HILL provides drilling and well support services to the Prudhoe Bay Unit, with day- and night-shift coverage for all well work and drill site maintenance. Our support includes installation of cellars and conductors, wireline, well stimulation, flowline maintenance, wellhead maintenance, coiled tubing drilling support, corrosion treating, downhole diagnostics, fluid transfers, drill site maintenance, hot water and drilling fluid handling, welding, and management of drilling toolhouse resources.

Energy Management

Demand-side energy management begins with a comprehensive understanding of your energy needs. We provide facility energy audits that identify opportunities for building envelope energy conservation, equipment optimization, and economic analysis. We also provide evaluation and implementation of energy information management systems for real-time energy data collection and analysis, including Web-based energy management system tools. Demand-side management services include implementation of load controls including energy management control systems (EMCS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We also provide expertise in energy savings performance contracts (ESPC) and utility energy service contracts (UESC) for facility improvements.

Facilities Management

CH2M HILL's facilities management group provides multidisciplinary services focused on the ongoing management and operations of building and plant assets. Our mission is to provide a single point of accountability, enabling you to reduce and control operating costs, improve service levels, gain access to and leverage expertise, reduce risk, and maximize the value of your assets so that you can focus on your core business.

Our facilities services include:

  • Facilities outsourcing
  • Building operations & maintenance
  • Work order planning, execution & management
  • Energy management
  • Move, add & change programs
  • Environmental, health & safety
  • Project management
  • Facilities engineering
  • Supplier/vendor management
  • MRO & procurement
  • 24/7/365 call center
  • Technical facilities services
  • Administrative services
  • Staff augmentation

Fleet Support

CH2M HILL understands management and maintenance of owner equipment based on owning, managing, and maintaining our own 1200-unit fleet. This experience includes managing our own environmental washbay for equipment and tank cleaning, Class I and II wastes, parts inventory valued today at $3 million, equipment warranties, and warranty parts tracking through our Ford warranty-shop certification program. We have also implemented and currently administer an automated fleet management system for PM inspections, maintenance histories, and documentation of equipment specifications. CH2M HILL also provides all dispatching support for drilling services and well support equipment.

Management Support

CH2M HILL brings a zero-incident HSE culture to the work, with systems and processes to support it. Along with this, our experience as administrators, trainers and power-users of computerized maintenance management systems provides a solid foundation in labor tracking and reporting. We also are able to leverage previous successes in QC management/performance in tracking welding certifications and providing inspections, managing incomplete work logs and assuring quality in every component of material control and project construction, minor or major. We are prepared to provide cost control, budgeting, and performance tracking on small maintenance projects as well as large-scale, multi-discipline projects. CH2M HILL is committed to applying continuous improvement processes so that we can add value to our clients' projects.

Materials Support Services

CH2M HILL has a long and proven record in providing full-service warehousing, expediting and material control services at a number of facilities on the North Slope, including Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk, Endicott, Milne Point, Badami, and Northstar. Our experience encompasses both construction and operations & maintenance. It includes aircraft loading and unloading; inventory and surplus material management; receiving and inspection; stocking, staging, and issuing; shipping; inventory control; chemical handling; hazardous material shipping and receiving; and centralized tool room control including tool repair and maintenance.

Minor Construction Services

CH2M HILL is able to draw heavily from our experiences and lessons learned in Prudhoe Bay and Cook Inlet to satisfy our responsibilities of minor construction services along with operations and maintenance support. We are able to complete small project work by drawing from our already-mobilized, already-trained maintenance and turnaround workforce by applying smart job planning, backlog management, and personnel rotation management, resulting in considerable cost savings. We are also able to draw from our company's large-scale construction processes, systems, and personnel roster.

Pipeline Integrity Management

In response to increased regulatory, public, and environmental pressures to demonstrate due diligence in the operation and maintenance of pipeline facilities, CH2M HILL provides pipeline operators worldwide with a single source of integrity management products and professional services.

We provide a complete spectrum of total and modular solutions, ranging from the initial development of an integrity management program to outsourcing professional program management services. With the advent of new regulations, standards, and guidelines such as CFR 195.452, API 1160, the Pipeline Safety Act of 2002, ASME B31.8S, NACE Recommended Practices for Direct Assessment, Operator Qualification, and others, liquid and gas transmission pipeline companies must align their integrity management programs, baseline assessment plans, and budgets to coincide with the prescriptive testing requirements for pipeline segments affecting high consequence areas.

At the core of CH2M HILL's pipeline integrity management program is a powerful, dynamic software component, PipeCraft™, which we offer under an agreement with Greenpipe Industries Ltd. Using a geographic information system (GIS) and relational database technologies, PipeCraft helps maintain a seamless records management system that maintains design, construction, maintenance, survey, and inspection documentation in a dynamic and reliable environment. Collected data is readily available for analysis, risk assessment, and presentation in a true geographical context, and current and historical maintenance activities are continually verified and documented, greatly simplifying the generation of activity audits and status reports. ESRI-based and easily interfaced with other third-party engineering software, PipeCraft cost-effectively manages and analyzes data, ensuring safe and efficient operation and maintenance of pipeline systems.

Plant Maintenance/Operations Support

Plant maintenance and operations support is currently being performed at PBU and in Cook Inlet with personnel from all craft disciplines providing routine and emergency equipment maintenance as well as planned shutdown maintenance tasks. This work includes all maintenance on API and ANSI valves and PSV testing and repairs under our own VR stamp. CH2M HILL's North Slope experience includes multi-skilled operators trained in facility operations, plant equipment maintenance, and facility operations and maintenance program development.

Roads and Pads Support

CH2M HILL has long provided roads and pads support services. These services include roads and pads construction and maintenance, ice roads and pads construction and maintenance, airport/runway maintenance, and snow removal. In addition, we have provided management of solid waste disposal facilities for clients as well as in our own operations. In all of our operations, we practice waste minimization techniques such as source control and recycling. We have in place, and follow, a waste management plan that is specific to conditions and facilities.

Turnaround Planning and Management

CH2M HILL has formalized our approach to facility turnarounds resulting in increased performance and decreased downtime of North Slope facilities. By recognizing the value of an adequate and detailed plan, we have helped our clients decrease the historical downtime associated with turnarounds on the North Slope and Cook Inlet.

We have developed a structured approach by focusing on four critical phases of turnarounds:

  1. Planning: develop scope, cost estimates, execution plan, HSE plan, and Interface documents
  2. Ramp-up: develop training plan, mobilization of resources, staging of materials, tools, equipment and facilities
  3. Execution: complete the production impact work in a safe and efficient manner, according to plan
  4. Evaluation: bring facility back on line, prepare and share lessons learned and key performance indicators, complete documentation and celebrate success.
Utility Management

CH2M HILL offers a comprehensive range of utility management services, including remedial system O&M, solid waste management, and a broad range of utility system O&M, including HVAC, storm water management, and steam generation and distribution.

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Water & Wastewater Management

CH2M HILL is your community's partner for clean water solutions. Recognized as a global leader in water and wastewater management, we offer a full-service package of water and wastewater services, including engineering, construction, and day-to-day operations and maintenance.

We have the capabilities to provide total system operations, including treatment, collection, distribution, meter reading, and billing and collection. In fact, we offer a single-source solution for all your public works needs.

At CH2M HILL, we have successfully transitioned thousands of public-sector employees into private-sector employment. We build strong partnerships with our customers to help improve their environmental performance, preserve their capital investment, and control costs. We know that stable operating costs and continuous regulatory compliance are essential to a healthy community.

We can help you define the level of public-private partnership that is right for your community, from technical assistance, to contract of your existing facilities or complete design, construction, and operation of a new facility.

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