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Lean Enterprise Solutions

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What do we mean by Lean enterprise solutions?

Essentially, it's using proven approaches and methods to streamline your manufacturing or office processes. CH2M HILL's unique approach starts with the belief that Lean affects your entire enterprise, not just the manufacturing arm of your company. We also believe that true Lean transformations are possible only when the culture changes.

We integrate Lean processes into a full range of engineering, design, and construction services—whatever makes the most sense for your organization. Our Lean outcomes architecting process uses exclusive tools and methodologies to help you transition from traditional operations to an entirely new way of doing business. Our structured set of innovative strategies, with a rigorous engineering approach, integrates the architecture to organize your business activities as a continuous flow and transforms your enterprise toward a leaner, more agile and productive environment.

Our Solutions
Preliminary Design & Implementation (Visioneering)

CH2M HILL's detailed design and development includes value stream mapping, program and metrics development, Lean council establishment, production sequence, simulation, human resource planning, equipment design, functional floor layout, and flow analysis.

When it is time to implement the Lean process, CH2M HILL is there to assist you with procurement, installation, integration, testing, and certification. With expertise in site selection, supply chain management, and systems integration, we will identify opportunities to help you sustain and optimize the changes you make in your operations. Our expertise in manufacturing process and facilities also allows us to identify opportunities to streamline regulatory compliance and optimize resource consumption.

Throughout the transition phase, we ensure that your workforce and support staff employ their new-found knowledge of the Lean mindset and culture. Our staff will remain onsite, available when needed, to monitor and successfully support implementation as your workforce applies Lean practices in the day-to-day operations of your business. Our role as consultant and facilitator evolves into a support role with as much visibility as you decide is necessary to maintain operations and ensure a smooth transition.

Our preliminary concept design includes strategic planning, product analysis, financial planning, market analysis, and benchmarking.

Visioneering is a strategic approach that integrates and documents creative thinking. This tool, designed by CH2M HILL, gives your organization and your employees a chance to look at the future in an entirely different way. Visioneering helps you identify opportunities for improvement in three important areas—values, processes, and culture—allowing you to reengineer your enterprise.

Lean Operations Planning

To be globally competitive, many manufacturing organizations are moving away from the more traditional, mass-production environment toward a "leaner," more agile environment. Through lean enterprise approaches, companies are realizing numerous manufacturing improvements, including reduced cycle times; increased productivity; lower total manufacturing costs; minimized paperwork; and reduced scrap, rework, material handling, and storage.

CH2M HILL helps you to effectively move your goods through the supply chain with the coordination of your business processes. We evaluate requirements and cost constraints related to process, packaging, and storage; space and layout requirements, and site and facility issues and constraints. Capitalizing on our expertise and knowledge of the manufacturing processes, we help you identify ways to reduce waste and reengineer your operations in order to help you win the race to market and increase your return on investment.

CH2M HILL evaluates the condition and performance of your manufacturing plants. We help you implement enduring solutions to optimize your plant's performance, including material movements across process, packaging, and storage, cost implications of layouts, and comparison of alternatives. With our support, you can: implement productivity enhancements to improve long-term process and performance, including reduced cost, reduction in waste and product to market cycle time; forecast your future using effective measuring tools and analyzing your corporate direction; and improve the process of converting raw components into a valuable product or service for your customers.

CH2M HILL will strategize a plan, choose a supplier, manufacture the goods, deliver the product, and rectify any problems along the way. The importance of keeping costs down and streamlining your distribution system will allow you to compete successfully both locally and globally. The Lean enterprise solutions group can offer warehouse solutions, including shipping, storage, logistics, upgraded technology, and improved inventory accuracy.

Education, Training & Certification

CH2M HILL provides a combination of classroom training, workshops, and implementation events to accomplish executive and workforce training.

The goal of our Lean manufacturing experts is to provide training tools and proven processes that enable you to sustain your own Lean manufacturing efficiencies. Using our unique interactive workshop process, we will train your workforce and offer certification for continued education.

We partner with your team to identify and develop workforce training and implementation events specific to the needs of your transformation activities. A mixture of hands-on training and implementation actions helps ensure that you make a successful transition to Lean operations. Our experienced team of Lean practitioners helps you understand Lean concepts as they relate to your way of doing business.

Our workshops facilitate our best-in-class approach to support the Lean process and promote early education and buy-in for your team.

We approach the Lean transformation as an enterprise-wide initiative that addresses your organization as a complex cohesive system. Because we're unique in considering your entire enterprise as a unified architecture, our approach integrates organizational, process, technological, and facilities changes to transform your business and maintain an edge in the competitive market.

CH2M HILL follows a unique lifecycle approach in addressing your issues. Rather than selling a product, our approach allows you to fully discover, define, prioritize, and organize your business activities and processes.

Lean Workshop Model Leases

Our workshop methodologies include tutorials, hands-on interaction, and business models. Our lean manufacturing models can benefit you in all areas of your operations including:

  • Logistics (planning, scheduling)
  • Flow (process layout)
  • Organization (how people should be used - the most difficult aspect of lean manufacturing)
  • Metrics (Six Sigma, what to measure)
  • Recently we have developed our Lean Office workshop to help you extend Lean practices throughout your business.
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