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Industrial Safety

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The regulatory environment is changing across industries throughout the world as governments require that companies meet or exceed safety requirements and standards. In this rapidly changing environment, firms are seeking the best possible solutions, not only to stay in compliance, but also to ensure the safest possible work environment for their employees and communities.

CH2M HILL understands the importance of all aspects of the process safety management lifecycle and compliance environment, especially in industrial settings. We are committed to working with our clients to develop systematic approaches to protect people and property.

Our diverse experience in working with occupational safety, process safety, and consequence mitigation allows our clients to take advantage of the appropriate standard, tool, or technique to identify, reduce, and mitigate risk in a process.

Industrial Safety

Our design staff is well versed in engineering codes and standards that represent good engineering practice, and a number of our employees actively participate in developing industry safety and process standards. We understand the objectives of major regulatory issues, including the United State Government’s OSHA National Emphasis Programs (NEP) for Process Safety and Combustible Dust, and we remain abreast of proposed changes.

Our services include:

  • Risk identification and consequence assessment
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Review of Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) and regulatory compliance audits
  • Flammable and combustible dust modeling and design
  • Process Safety Management (OSHA CFR1910.119)
  • Functional safety lifecycle and safety instrumented system (SIS)/safety integrity level (SIL) design
  • Fire protection, ventilation, and damage-limiting construction
  • Incident investigations
  • Arc flash calculations and electrical compliance evaluations
  • Consequence modeling and facility siting
  • Overpressure relief and blast protection
Process Safety for Industry

Process safety is the protection of people and property from episodic and catastrophic incidents. CH2M HILL brings the right expertise and the right tools, along with a systematic approach, to identify process risks and implement proactive measures to reduce and manage risk.

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Risk Assessment/Risk Management

Accidents often occur because people, or entire firms, were not aware of the risk. A robust risk assessment and management program prevents complacency, protects against unwanted events, and mitigates the consequences in case of an event. CH2M HILL helps our clients understand the full range of risk and develop the right approaches to reduce events, increase confidence in plant safety, and ensure compliance.

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Functional Safety / Safety Instrumented Systems

While compliance with ANSI/ISA 84.00.01 (IEC 61511) in the United States is optional, there are considerable benefits from implementing functional safety. CH2M HILL is the one-stop resource for functional safety design and implementation. We have the knowledge and experience to identify and evaluate process risk (SIL, layer of protection analysis (LOPA)), implement systems that reduce risk (SIS, safety instrumented functions (SIF)), and help our clients develop, operate and maintain safe and reliable practices.

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Process Safety Management Compliance

CH2M HILL has worked with many firms to implement process safety management programs. This life-cycle approach helps reduce risk, especially with storage and the use of highly hazardous chemicals and flammables. We help our clients put processes in place to ensure chemicals and flammables are properly contained—protecting people, properties, and communities.

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Preparing Process Safety Information

To implement a successful and effective process safety management program, a company needs complete and accurate written process safety information (PSI). While this sounds simple, firms often find they lack the internal expertise or resources to get the job done, which can have major regulatory and safety implications. Our team of safety professionals helps our clients develop and maintain the right information, create proper written procedures and action plans, conduct employee training, and work through other management issues.

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Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical integrity (MI) represents more than 19% of the citations under the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) National Emphasis Programs for Refineries. Incident investigations often find mechanical integrity issues to be a root cause or contributing factor in most catastrophic events. As manufacturing facilities age, maintaining the mechanical integrity of equipment is critical to process safety. CH2M HILL helps our clients address mechanical integrity concerns with MI program development, program effectiveness audits, equipment and relief calculations, and corrective action planning.

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Combustible Dust

Combustible dust can be an unexpected killer and the potential for catastrophic consequences is often underappreciated until it is too late. A robust combustible dust program will identify the risks of a process, develop systems to reduce the possibility of an occurrence, and mitigate consequences of an event.

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Arc Flash Hazard Training and Analysis

Arc flash—the rapid and explosive discharge of electrical energy—can cause serious burns and even death. CH2M HILL's experienced staff can perform arc flash studies, model electrical systems, provide warning labels, and conduct arc flash safety training. We also help our clients achieve compliance with all current electrical codes and regulations.

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Facility Siting

Even companies that are dedicated to safety are not immune to episodic and catastrophic incidents. Through blast protection, including blast resistant shelters, control rooms, and facilities that protect people and other valuable resources, CH2M HILL helps our clients develop a last line of defense and consequence mitigation in the event of a worst case scenario.

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