CH2M HILL provides multidisciplinary services to markets diversified by both industry and geography. With our full-service capabilities and global footprint, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each market we serve is strong and focused.


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Environmental Management & Planning

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Bill Badger

CH2M HILL offers a full range of environmental engineering, consulting, and construction services including site remediation, contaminated sediment services, ecosystems management, waste management, and munitions response programs. Applying innovative, creative, and value-based approaches is integral to every project we work on—CH2M HILL saves you money and time by focusing efforts that balance practicality, regulatory requirements, and cost-effectiveness.

We do this by using assessment approaches that focus on site investigations, and by acting as your advocate while providing effective regulatory interaction and negotiation approaches. We employ innovative field testing methods to streamline investigations and reduce analytical costs. In addition, we have our own certified analytical laboratory that enables us to provide specialized testing and quick turnaround times to meet our clients' needs.

You can count on our knowledge of regulatory requirements and regulators, technical details, and risk management approaches to deliver the best remedial services in the industry. Depend on CH2M HILL to negotiate reasonable scopes of work, develop and implement streamlined remedial plans that minimize operational interruptions, and execute sustainable and cost-effective environmental cleanup efforts.

Voices of Environmental Leadership

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ENR Rankings
  • 1st Top Environmental Firms
  • 1st Top 10 Firms Working for Federal Clients
  • 1st Top 20 Firms Working in Non-U.S. Locations
  • 3rd Top 20 Firms in Hazardous Waste
  • 3rd Top 10 Firms in Nuclear Waste
  • 4th Top 10 Firms in Environmental Science
  • 5th Top 10 Firms Working for Private Clients
  • 8th Top 10 Sewer/Waste

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Our Services
Air Quality, Air Pollution, & Permitting
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Don Caniparoli
Senior Technologist,
Air Programs

Across the industry, there continue to be regulatory challenges associated with meeting Clean Air Act requirements. These challenges include timely new source permitting, cost-effective compliance with existing permit requirements, and minimizing corporate liability. Air quality remains one of the most persistent and visible issues of concern to the public, and industrial sources of air emissions must be careful in effectively meeting these challenges.

CH2M HILL serves both large and small industrial clients by providing the kinds of solutions that solve today's air quality challenges. We meet your needs with broad and in-depth knowledge of your business and production processes, coupled with thorough knowledge of regulations and local regulatory requirements.

Our staff offers expertise in air quality and human health impact assessments, air quality permitting, indoor air quality, ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring, design and oversight of source monitoring programs, emission inventory development, greenhouse gas management, noise evaluations, and impact assessments.

Applied Sciences Laboratory
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Mark Boedigheimer
VP, Laboratory Director

Kathy McKinley
Customer Services Manager

CH2M HILL's Applied Sciences Laboratory provides analytical support to projects throughout the United States and globally regardless of size and complexity. Our qualifications are unique to the specific analytical needs of consulting and engineering projects. We offer a full range of analytical support including analytical chemistry (wet chemistry, inorganics, and organics), air toxics, aquatic toxicology, treatability, and consulting.

The Applied Sciences Laboratory is one of only a select few laboratories nationwide to be accredited for four of the programs administered by National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC). The four NELAC programs include the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Learn more about our analytical support services.

Ecosystem Management
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Stephen Petron
Vice President and Market Segment Director
Natural Resources Planning and Management

Tom Simpson
Vice President and Global Practice Leader, Ecosystems
+1.678.530.4325 x54325

Today's regulatory environment is becoming increasingly focused on restoring ecological processes and protecting key species and ecosystems. To comply with regulations such as the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act, public- and private-sector clients are seeking an integrated approach to the delivery of ecosystem services.

CH2M HILL's ecosystem management services include the full suite of planning, natural resource, ecological risk, and environmental documentation services to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions to issues including:

  • 316(b) environmental & engineering services
  • Aquatic resources
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • EIS/facility siting
  • Environmental Justice
  • NRL and asset management
  • Phytoremediation
  • Sediments
  • Wetlands
Greenhouse Gas Management
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Doug Huxley
Practice Director, Greenhouse Gas Management Program

CH2M HILL delivers all of the elements of a comprehensive, cost-effective greenhouse gas (GHG) program to help you take advantage of new GHG trading markets, answer new and proposed regulatory challenges, and respond effectively to shareholder concerns. We are not only expert in building GHG accounting systems from the ground up, but also in applying engineering knowledge to identify cost-effective opportunities for reducing emissions.

CH2M HILL combines expertise in management systems, information management, and engineering to create strategic programs that optimize the value of your GHG management activities. Our solutions address state-level programs in the United States, Australia, and other countries; regional programs such as the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme; and national-level programs around the world, including the Kyoto Protocol.

Learn more about our greenhouse gas management program.

Carbon Mining
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Doug Huxley
Practice Director, Greenhouse Gas Management Program

CH2M HILL assists some of the world's most prestigious corporations in developing credible, verifiable greenhouse gas inventories. For our industrial clients, we couple our expertise in air emissions monitoring with energy and industrial process engineering expertise to provide concrete carbon emissions inventories. For our municipal clients, we bring renowned transportation planning, land use planning, solid waste management, and water and sewage treatment expertise to provide comprehensive municipality-wide carbon emissions inventories. For clients interested in ensuring maximum value from carbon sequestration in forestry and agriculture, our senior soils, forestry, and wetlands scientists ensure accurate assessments.

Our experts work with you to apply a variety of evaluation criteria ranging from return on investment to the collateral benefits to the firm, the environment, and the community to develop a selection of credible greenhouse gas management actions. CH2M HILL then brings value to carbon management projects through our ability to design, build, and even operate the project, and we validate carbon reductions to an evolving work standard.

Solid/Hazardous Waste Management
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John Wood
Vice President, Waste Management Market Segment Director

Paul Favara
Global Site Remediation and Revitalization Practice Director

As the process of handling and disposing of waste increases in complexity, solutions for waste management become more difficult, and risk increases. Stringent regulations and public concerns make locating and siting new waste management facilities a challenge.

In the past five years, CH2M HILL has performed more than 700 waste management projects throughout the world. Our United States, Canadian, and international project experience covers the full range of waste management services for all types and sizes of clients, including federal, state, and county agencies; large municipalities; small communities; industry; and private solid waste management companies.

CH2M HILL's waste management staff includes specialists in solid waste engineering, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, storm water engineering, environmental planning, landfill gas, industrial wastewater engineering, leachate management, remediation design and implementation, economics, construction quality assurance, and construction management. Our project expertise includes landfill development, closure, and redevelopment; waste-to-energy programs; materials separation, recovery, processing, and reuse; and composting systems and odor control programs.

HS&E Program
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Andy Strickland
Director, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Clients choose business partners who can deliver solutions for the best value and minimum risk. Right now, there are critical markets of interest to CH2M HILL that are only open to firms that can demonstrate strength in HS&E. Leadership in HS&E has become a discriminating factor in selecting contractors and business partners. In addition, safety performance is increasingly being used as the basis for paying performance incentives. Our HS&E record will never prevent CH2M HILL from pursuing the type of work our clients need to perform.

CH2M HILL incorporates a standardized HS&E program that provides policies, methods of practice, processes, tools, and resources that CH2M HILL professionals use during the course of their business and project delivery operations. Our mission is to protect people and the environment, comply with applicable environmental and workplace safety laws and regulations, and manage HS&E risks. We fulfill the expectations of our clients, staff, and communities through safe, innovative, and environmentally sound practices in all our operations.

Munitions Response
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Ben Redmond
Vice President, Munitions Response Market Segment Director

Many U.S. Department of Defense properties are used to develop, test, and deploy weapons systems and military munitions, and to train personnel to use and maintain these systems. As a result, some properties are known or suspected to contain unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, and munitions constituents.

CH2M HILL is a leader in providing military munitions response programs, compliance, and restoration services to our customers. We stand apart as one of the few companies with the breadth of expertise to provide cradle-to-grave services to meet munitions response requirements.

Our success coordinating with regulators and addressing community concerns ensures that environmental regulations and public involvement issues do not adversely affect the testing, evaluation, destruction, or cleanup goals at a given site. We offer services in munitions and explosives of concern, range management, munitions constituents, chemical warfare materiel, and ordnance demilitarization. In addition, we own the controlled detonation chamber used for the disposal of a suite of energetic materials that are currently demilitarized OB/OD.

Sediment Management
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George Hicks
Director, Sediment Management & Remediation
+1. 773.693.3800 x214

CH2M HILL recognizes that our clients involved in sediment management issues can be overwhelmed juggling the demands of multiple levels of regulations and legal requirements, uncertain site conditions, competing public and agency interests, and cost and time constraints. Finding a way through the maze of uncertainties can be daunting.

Whether your project is large or small, we specialize in identifying strategic solutions that are expedient, cost-effective, and environmentally compliant. Our sediment management team provides planning, assessment, design, pathway modeling, regulatory expertise, and design-build remediation services.

We have worked cooperatively with technology vendors, redefining mechanical dredging, turbidity containment, and real-time monitoring/data archiving of active dredging operations. Our services include sediment evaluation and management strategies, investigations and feasibility studies, confined aquatic disposal of contaminated sediments, environmental dredging; and natural resource damage assessments.

Site Investigations & Remediation
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Paul Favara
Global Site Remediation and Revitalization Practice Director

CH2M HILL leads the industry in innovative site characterization, remedial design, and construction methods; human health and ecological risk assessment; property redevelopment; and environmental liability and asset management.

We perform site investigations and remediation programs with a relentless focus on your highest objectives. We craft strategies that integrate regulatory, technical, financial, project delivery and controls, and risk management solutions that result in cost-effective investigation, design, construction, and operation.

Solid Waste Management
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John Wood
Vice President, Waste Management Market Segment Director

Effective planning is the key element in managing solid waste. Community needs for waste management are measured and evaluated to develop feasible and cost-effective alternatives.

CH2M HILL's waste management professionals have worked closely with public and private clients for more than 55 years, providing customized waste management solutions.

Our comprehensive approach to solid waste management includes determining waste composition through sampling and weighing; developing waste forecasts; examining waste collection and transfer; evaluating recycling and materials recovery impacts; evaluating and comparing different technologies; developing, issuing, and reviewing proposals for waste vendor services; and evaluating the economic feasibility and financing of alternatives.

Sustainable Development
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Veli Ivanova
Environmental Sustainability Practice Director

Many businesses and public agencies alike now recognize that a sustainable operating approach—one that is economically sound, ecologically protective, and socially supportive—can help their organizations succeed. They are using sustainable decisions to drive innovation for new products, identify new markets, streamline operations, reduce waste, achieve their missions, improve relationships with external stakeholders, inspire employees toward an enhanced corporate mission, and reduce organizational liability.

CH2M HILL can work with you to develop and implement sustainable designs that result in environmental benefits and direct cost savings. We offer a full range of services to support sustainability projects, from strategic planning and financing, through design, construction, operations, and maintenance of facilities. We also developed a metrics-based process that measures a project's impacts and compares them to what has been achieved elsewhere in the world.

Total Land Solutions
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Stephen Petron
Vice President and Market Segment Director
Natural Resources Planning and Management

As land resources are stressed, controls on development multiply. And, with fewer apparent land management options, land owners often forfeit potential earnings from their land assets.

CH2M HILL's total land solutions can help public and private land owners, planners, developers, stewards, farmers, and foresters defend the right to develop, maximize financial return-on-investment, and protect the environment.

We offer four initiatives to achieve the highest economic and environmental value of land:

  • Land management (linking land uses to business planning and revenue opportunities)
  • Optimized development (designing site-specific features to mitigate the impacts of development)
  • Environmental credits (realizing value from all of the environmental benefits, providing credit incentives, and building a market for credit trading)
  • Land stewardship, planning conservation, and development (working together to protect individual rights and the environment)
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