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Energy Management

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Renewable Energy

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Transmission & Distribution

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Today's energy markets reward those who can use energy efficiently, are responsive to price signals, manage their exposure to market volatility, aggressively control energy supply contracts, and exploit onsite opportunities to generate their own power.

Getting the most from your energy investment requires an integrated approach, understanding and managing both your energy usage as well as energy supply options. CH2M HILL works with clients to integrate demand-side energy efficiency and load management opportunities with supply-side opportunities, including forward market procurement and onsite generation, to develop a total energy solution.

You benefit from our full-service expertise in the latest energy technologies, industrial and manufacturing processes, building systems, power systems engineering, environmental permitting, risk management, and market contracting strategies.

CH2M HILL's energy and utility systems and consulting and engineering services combine our technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of the changing energy and utility marketplace to deliver integrated and optimized total energy solutions to our clients.

Our integrated approach differentiates CH2M HILL from other energy companies and utility providers. Our many satisfied clients recognize us as a one-stop company whose services encompass all phases of project development and delivery, from strategic planning through design, construction, operations, and maintenance.

CH2M HILL can deliver the projects required to execute your total energy solution.

Our Solutions
Electric Transmission and Substation

CH2M HILL provides complete environmental and engineering services for electric transmission and substation projects – we will deliver results to help you deliver power.

Read more about our transmission services.

Carbon Management

The Kyoto Protocol carbon emissions restrictions are now in force in Europe, Japan, and Canada, affecting any company with facilities or operations in these areas. As carbon emissions credit markets gain liquidity, project-based emissions reductions can create assets that can be traded on international markets.

Our project-based emissions reductions approach provides verifiable carbon credits. CH2M HILL identifies and implements projects that reduce our clients' carbon emissions, generating carbon emission reduction credits.

Energy Management—Demand Side

Demand-side energy management begins with a comprehensive understanding of your energy needs. We provide facility energy audits that identify opportunities for building envelope energy conservation, equipment optimization, and economic analysis. We also provide evaluation and implementation of energy information management systems for real-time energy data collection and analysis, including Web-based energy management system tools. Demand-side management services include implementation of load controls including energy management control systems (EMCS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. We also provide expertise in energy savings performance contracts (ESPC) and utility energy service contracts (UESC) for facility improvements.

Energy Management—Supply Side

Our consulting and engineering services for supply-side energy management combine our technical expertise with in-depth understanding of the changing energy and utility marketplace to deliver optimized energy solutions to our clients. We help clients effectively manage commodity supply through competitive procurement, contract preparation negotiations, risk management and price hedging, and load aggregation. We bring expertise in the latest energy technologies, power systems engineering, energy and utility market trends, regulation and deregulation, and environmental permitting. In addition to EPC delivery of onsite power generation—including distributed generation, cogeneration, central utility plants, and renewable energy technologies—we provide evaluation of alternatives to self-ownership of utility infrastructure.

Renewable Energy Services

A combination of market drivers has made renewable energy attractive as a cost-effective and publicly acceptable solution to growing power demands.

With an international portfolio of advanced renewable energy projects complementing our vast experience in infrastructure, we bring a broad range of internal resources and technical innovation. From the development of energy infrastructure projects that utilize bioenergy, solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind, hydro, and geothermal resources, CH2M HILL has gained industry leading experience in the analysis, design, and construction of ground-breaking renewable energy facilities. The results are solutions that improve operational efficiency, manage price risk, increase security and reliability, and create valuable markets for tradable credits.

We offer expertise and resources across the project lifecycle to ensure successful project development, including origination, site selection, planning and design, construction, and operations. We provide project evaluation services, including strategic planning, market definition, resource evaluation, economic analysis, and technical assessment to determine project and technical feasibility. Siting services include land use investigation, wind resource assessments, energy projections, transmission system and interconnection planning, and environmental and geotechnical studies. We offer full planning, design, and construction services, including permitting and licensing, community outreach, systems and site civil design, and EPC project delivery. Our operations support includes project commissioning, performance monitoring, power production forecasting, and full operations and maintenance, as well as plant decommissioning and repowering, and site remediation and reclamation.